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We are keen to support all of your aerospace structural production, assembly, sub assembly, aviation repair & overhaul activities.

From standard rivets to complex avionics, highly engineered long lead bearings to electrical pins. Feel free to contact us for all consumables; fasteners, rivets, nuts, hi-lock bolts, bearings, latches, specialty fasteners, chemicals, adhesives, sealants. Electrical connectors, cables, back shells and interconnect detail parts are also in our product range with competitive pricing.

Exclusively you may get Click Bond parts and adhesives such as CB200 from our stocking location in Ankara, TURKEY.


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Powell Electronics Inc

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Fasteners, Bearings aka: Bolts & Nuts

From standard rivets to complex latches, highly engineered long lead bearings to solid rivets. Contact us for all hardware consumables.

Blind Bolts, fasteners, bearings rivets, nuts, hi-lock bolts, latches, specialty fasteners and Tools required.

Connectors, Backshells  everything for interconnect solutions

We are capable of supplying a great variety of aerospace, commerical & military interconnect parts.

We are specialized at high reliability, harsh environment connector design, manufacturing and supply chain.

Adhesives for Bonding

Click Bond adhesives are available from stock such as CB200-40. We also have the hand tools and mixing tips required from stock.